About Us

Cardeaux is one of the most remarkable skin-care and makeup lines in the cosmetic industry. Established in the early 1970's, these unique products were originally created to serve the newly emerging facial-salon market. Cardeaux Cosmetics were formulated without animal testing. Organic ingredients such as collagen, protein and natural nutrients were incorporated into the products to keep the skin looking its best and combat elements that cause the skin to age prematurely. Consumers loved Cardeaux skin care and makeup. Demand grew to such a degree that special “Cardeaux Face Places” were opened in leading stores throughout the United States. Cardeaux was among the first to offer complementary makeovers. A small company compared to the cosmetic giants, Cardeaux has always been far ahead of its time.

Through the years Cardeaux has maintained its high standards, changing and evolving as scientific breakthroughs allow even better products.

With the advent of web marketing and strong sales, in 1996 Cardeaux established its PRIORITY MEMBERS CLUB to offer loyal customers around the globe, Cardeaux products direct.

Through the internet Cardeaux offers Club Members discounts on their orders, special sales, promotions, new innovative products and great gift items, all at SPECIAL SAVINGS.

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