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The Uttwiler spatlauber apple is an old Swiss variety. It was know for its exceptional capacity to keep for long periods of time. However, it gradually lost its popularity to sweet apples because of its bitter taste. Because this apple could be stored for long periods of time without becoming shriveled or losing flavor, it clearly possessed special ingredients and particularly long-lived stem cells. It was precisely these longevity factors that were of interest to Biochemistry researchers for use in skin products.


The development of the innovative PhytoCellTec technology made it possible to grow Swiss Apple Stem Cells on a large scale, extracting the Stem Cell Culture and making it available for cosmetic use.


Cardeaux Botanical Lifting Stem Cell Serum is a State-of-the-Art lifting formula with long term anti-aging benefits. With continued use it will help promote the youthful look of the skin, assist in improving the skin’s firmness, even out skin tone, reduce rough patches, provide a healthy glow and revitalize dull aging skin.


Assimilation of the product will be greater if the skin is cleansed and then rinsed with hot water or warmed with a hot compress prior to application. Please apply the Serum twice a day in AM and PM to targeted areas or the entire face, as you prefer. Follow with application of moisturizer, night crème and/or eye crème.


Long Term effects will help:


*Protect longevity of natural skin stem cells.

*Delay senescence of essential cells.

*Combat chronological aging.


PhytoCellTec has opened up entirely new possibilities in the field of cosmetics. Using plant stem cells can help delay skin aging by protecting essential skin stem cells, keeping the skin looking youthful longer, and giving it a better, a more vital appearance. We are proud to bring you this new innovative product. Expect more to come in the future.


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